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Year 1

Home Learning Project 

to be used in the event of self-isolation and school closure.

Year 1 parents, carers and children, 


Each week, your Year 1 team will be uploading tasks and projects to be completed at home to continue your child's learning, during this unprecedented time. In addition, below,  there are also other links that you may wish to use to support your child during this time. Stay well and we all hope to see each other very soon! Please keep in touch by Tweeting us @greenbank1PR and @MissCusackGB. We would love to see what you are learning outside of school! 

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Mrs Robson

Mrs Myerson (LSA)



Miss Cusack

Mrs Khan (LSA)


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Spring 2 Curriculum



Unit based on the story 'Rapunzel' by Bethan Woolvin

Writing purpose: Traditional Tale and Instructions


Mathematics Mastery

Measures: Length and Mass

Compare and measure lengths and mass using cm and kg

Doubling and halving



Empiribox Science

Observing: Our Living Earth

Healthy eating

Looking after our teeth

Exercise and heart rate



Why can’t a Meerkat live in the North Pole?


Identify seasonal and daily weather patterns

Key physical features vocab

Name and locate continents & 5 oceans



Art and Design


How do you feel in this picture?



Festivals and Celebrations

How does what people believe affect what they do?


Philosophy for Children

British Value: Rule of Law




Thursday for both classes

Please make sure your child comes to school in full P.E. kit on this day.



Homework is given on a Friday and is due in the following Tuesday. Please read with your child at home and write a short comment in your child's reading log. Please ensure their reading books are brought to school every day in their book bags. 

2019- 2020

Autumn term 1


The Secret of Black Rock


Year One were very excited to discover lots of clues for our new text in our class room. We made predictions about what it could be about and discussed an illustration from the book.

🎣 🚣‍♂️ 🐟

Trip to the seaside!


On Wednesday 25th September, a very excited year 1 travelled to New Brighton to spend a day by the sea. The purpose of the trip was linked with our Literacy work for this half-term.


While we were there we had  adventures on the Black Pearl and even met a pirate (One-eyed Jack - one of the creators of the Black Pearl) who talked to us about his ship and why it was there - it was fascinating! Later we investigated the lighthouse and port before enjoying a lolly on the beach! A fantastic day indeed! 



Numbers within 10


So far we have been learning to represent, order, compare and explore numbers within 10. Thinking about one more and one less as well as number bonds for numbers within 10.




Changing materials


We had great fun in our first science lesson making snow! We were learning all about how materials can change shape. Ask your child about how real snow is made and whether it can actually snow indoors! ❄️ ⛄️ 



We have asked the question: 'Why is our world so special?' and we be trying to answer this over the next few weeks. 

To start, we have looked at the Judeo-Christian belief of how our world was created.



For our D.T. topic we have asked the question: 'Can we design a set of chairs for the Three Bears?'

Look at how we are getting on.



We were so excited to learn about Roald Dahl in History today! We explored characters from his books and learned some key facts about him. We even played a game with The Twits! Tomorrow, we will be making some gruesome Mr Twit beards and learning even more about Roald Dahl! 




April 2019

Knowsley Safari Park Trip


We took a trip to Knowsley Safari Park to learn about animals that live in hot and cold countries. We were also really excited to meet Sunny the Meerkat, after learning Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett this half term!

March 2019

Talk for Writing- Meerkat Mail


Year One have been busy, breaking down the structure of a journey tale and discussing what happens in our text ‘Meerkat Mail’. After this, we performed freeze frames for different sections of the story. Great job everyone!

March 2019



The children had great fun taking scary selfies in computing and cropping them onto a shark scene! This linked so well with our text for creative week, 'Shark in the Park'.

March 2019

World Book Day


What a fun-filled day we have had for World Book Day! We especially enjoyed a visit from some Year 4 children, who came to read with us!

March 2019

Creative Week- Sefton Park Trip


THERE’S A SHARK IN THE PARK! Year 1 enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon in Sefton Park as  park of our creative week topic on Liverpool parks. They gathered inspiration to write a new version of 'Shark in the Park' by Nick Sharratt.

🦈 🌳

March 2019

Creative Week- Liverpool Parks


Creative week is off to a good start in 1C! Our topic is ‘Liverpool Parks’. This afternoon we enjoyed working in a team to create messy maps of Sefton Park. We then had to explain features of our maps to another team🌳

March 2019

History- Toys


Were you bored without the internet? Why did boys and girls play with different toys? Historians ask questions and these were a few that we thought we could ask our Grandparents about their toys. We played quiz, quiz, trade as a fun game to gather ideas.We even had a real life Grandparent to come to visit us, to answer our questions about their toys when they were little! They even brought some of their toys to show us!

March 2019

Parents Phonics Workshop


Thank you very much to all the parents from Year 1, who came to our phonics workshop today. We hope you enjoyed it and learned some ways to encourage your children at home.


February 2019

Mathematics Mastery- Numbers to 50


We started off our new unit 'Numbers to 50' with a race against the clock. Which group can order the number cards 0-50 the fastest?

January 2019

Talk for Writing- The Day the Teacher Quit


‘The Day the Teacher Quit!’ Having been inspired by ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, the Year One teachers decided they need a rest too! The children hot seated their teachers today and made very convincing arguments as to why we should change their minds! Our new Talk for Writing topic, is formal letter writing

January 2019

Religious Education- Prayer Artefacts


We have continued to consider ‘What is Prayer?’ in different religions. Today we looked at what artefacts different faiths use to help them in pray such as prayer books, prayer mats, beads and statues.

January 2019

History- Museum of Liverpool Trip


We had a fantastic trip to the Museum of Liverpool to learn about Toys through Time, which fits perfectly with our big question in History this term ‘Why is the iPad more fun than Grandma and Grandad’s old toys?’. We compared toys from different decades, discussed their materials and mechanics- and of course got to play with them!

December 2018

Christmas Show


We really enjoyed performing for all the Year 1 families in the Christmas show. 

Picture 1

December 2018

Design Technology


We have come to the end of our construction topic 'How can we make a set of chairs for The Three Bears?'. We have carried out research, measured, designed and made a model set of chairs suitable for Mummy, Daddy and Baby bear. I think we have some future designers in Year 1, great effort everybody!

December 2018

Religious Education- Hinduism


This term, we have learned all about how Hindus celebrate the festival of light, Diwali. We were very lucky to have a special visitors, Kajool (4P) and Mrs Singh, who told us all about how they celebrate in their home, we also made Diwali cards and decorated our classrooms for our our Diwali celebration.

November 2018

Geography- Greenbank Park Trip


Our current focus question for Geography is 'Where do all the leaves go in the Winter?', we went to Greenbank park to look for signs of Autumn and create some art inspired by things in the natural world.

November 2018

Talk for Writing- A Leaflet for the South Pole


We had so much fun making predictions for our new Talk for Writing text today. We investigated the clues around the classroom and even made real snow!

November 2018

Art and Design- Fireworks


We finished our art topic with a bang! The whole of year 1 created a bonfire night display by flicking paint. Very fun and very messy!

October 2018

Talk for Writing- Lost and Found


Today we found out our new text is about a penguin from the South Pole who needs help finding his way back home! We are so excited to start this unit based on ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers, focussing on setting description.

October 2018

Science- Irreversible Changes


We have been investigating irreversible changes in Science. We have baked chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy cakes! mmmmm

October 2018


This afternoon, Year 1 thought of different questions we could have asked Nelson Mandela if we had met him when he was alive. We then hot seated Nelson Mandela and he answered our questions.

Picture 1
Picture 2

October 2018

Empiribox Science

Today Year 1 followed instructions carefully to form beautiful crystals using Epsom salt. We then sorted them in the fridge, we can't wait to see how they turn out! 


October 2018

Maths Mastery

This week, Year 1 have been exploring the properties for 2D and 3D shapes.

October 2018

National Poetry Day

We all had so much fun for National Poetry Day! We were all amazed by the creative homemade, poetry-inspired costumes! Thank you for your enthusiasm, parents!  We had lots of visitors, who read some wonderful poems to us. Special thanks to our year One parents, our Year 6 Reading Revolutionaries and students from St Hilda’s High School!

October 2018

Mixtures and Potions


Today 1DC made predictions, some of us thought that the sugar cube would dissolve faster in warm water, others thought it would dissolve faster in cold. After our experiment we discovered that the sugar dissolves faster in warm water!



October 2018

Talk 4 Writing- Instructions ‘How to Feed a Baby’.


Year One enjoyed some role play today, in our Talk 4 Writing Lesson. Our new non-fiction topic is instructions for ‘How to feed a baby’. We even learned a new word- ‘ravenous’. Ask your child what it means! 

October 2018.

Poetry- 'Jump or Jiggle' by Evelyn Beyer.


Today 1DC created posters to help them remember our class poem. We can't wait for National Poetry Day!

September 2018

Mathematics Mastery


In Maths, 1DC have been learning how to count on. We have been learning outside, using lots of different concrete resources to help us.




Picture 1

September 2018

Mathematics Mastery


In Maths, we have been learning number bonds within 10 and have been using lots of different concrete resources to help us, as well as the part-whole model and tens frame to represent our equations in different ways.

September 2018

Science: Properties of Materials


In Science we have been learning about the properties of materials. We wanted to find out why some materials can change shape easily and others cannot. We investigated how long it took to break a paperclip and also made a human paperclip chain to see how long we could stay together! We learned that in some materials, the atoms inside are closely packed together and this means the shape cannot be changed easily. In other materials, the atoms are more closely packed together, this means they are more flexible- like in plasticine. We could bend, squash and twist it, but we found that if you stretch it, it will break apart.

September 2018

Talk 4 Writing - Avocado Baby (The Hook)

We had a visitor in our classroom this morning. A burglar told us how frightened he was to be chased out of a house by a strong baby with a broom! The burglar dropped all the stolen money and precious items on our carpet and made a big mess! We asked the burglar lots of questions and at first we didn't believe a baby could do that. However, after discovering that the baby had left behind some avocado on his highchair, we predicted that this must have given the baby magical powers and made him very strong.



Our school is open for children of Key Workers and vulnerable children Year 6, Reception and Year 1 from 7th July. For our 'Welcome Back' video from Mrs Wrigley, please go to our Parents section/ Returning to school after Lockdown to view.