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Talk 4 Writing

Our Talk 4 Writing actions.

Autumn 1

Now that Autumn 1 is coming to an end, we have finally finished learning 'George's Marvellous Medicine' (a set of instructions) and writing our own instructions. 


Imitation phase:

We learnt the instructions, made actions to accompany it, practised making potions, completed a comprehension and began to plan our innovated text. 


Innovation phase:

For our innovation phase, we begun to think about other types of potions that we could make and started to plan the sections to our new text. Every child decided a different kind of potion to make and used the most interesting ingredients that they could think of.



We read the text 'How to trap a dragon' as inspiration for own themed set of instructions. Our theme was based around catching different magical creatures. We plotted what we would need, where our setting would be, how we were going to capture them and what we would do once they were caught. We then transformed our plans into an outstanding set of instructions!

Our school is open for children of Key Workers and vulnerable children Year 6, Reception and Year 1 from 7th July. For our 'Welcome Back' video from Mrs Wrigley, please go to our Parents section/ Returning to school after Lockdown to view.