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Animals including humans. 

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From April until the end of the year we will be learning all about animals, humans and the things they need to survive. 


So far we have looked at healthy eating, exercising and hygiene. We learnt all about the need to exercise and why we must eat a healthy and balanced diet. We also learn about how important it is for us to wash our hands and what might happen if we don't!


Have a look at some work from our floor book to see what we have been doing as a class. This includes designing a healthy plate of food, carrying out an investigation into hand washing and giving instructions on how to wash your hands properly and investigating how our heart rate changes when we exercise. 



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Living things and their habitats.

After School Clubs start next week: (Monday 23rd September 2019) Monday: KS1 Multiskills. Tuesday: KS2 Cross Country. Wednesday: Y1-Y6 Gymnastics. Thursday: KS2 Football. Book via Parent Pay or the Office for Future Gym sessions.