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Parental Engagement

At Greenbank, we aim to foster warm and co-operative relationships with parents and carers. We do this in many different ways:


Open door policy

At the end of each day your child is dismissed by a member of the EYFS team. Staff will pass on any messages on the door and let your know how your child's day has been. Staff are happy to discuss your child's learning and development after school once all the children have been dismissed safely. If staff are not available that day, they will make you an appointment for the next available time.


Home School Link Book

Each child has a Home School Link Book which is sent home weekly detailing what the children have been learning in school and what they will be learning in the upcoming week. We ask parents to detail any home learning they do with their child or special times they share in the Home School Link Book. 


Stay and Play Sessions

Throughout the year we hold 'Stay and Play' sessions. During a 'Stay and Play' session, parents and carers are invited into school to complete some informal activities with their child. They offer parents a chance to see their child in class, meet other parents and build relationships with staff.


Parent Workshops

Throughout the year we hold parent workshops which focus on key areas of the curriculum such as reading and maths. During parent workshops, staff will hold an information session for parents detailing how the curriculum is taught in school. Children are then invited to share some activities with their parents and carers to practise the skill.


Educational Visits

We go on many visits in Reception. We often ask for parents and carers to accompany us on trips out of school. Previous trips have included Greenbank Park, Chester zoo, Croxteth Park and Farmer Teds.


Special Events

We hold numerous special events in school throughout the year including Christmas Plays, Poetry Week, Maths Week and World Book Day. We are always looking for ways to involve parents in these events. We often invite parents and carers in to share special assemblies, share stories and share their own past experiences.


Parents Evenings

Twice a year you will have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher and discuss your child's progress. At the end of the year you will receive a report containing your child's end of year attainment and a summary of their successes.


We appreciate any support you can offer school. If you have a special talent such as gardening, sewing and playing an instrument or occupation (e.g. doctor, police officer) that you would like to share with the children please get in touch!

Our school is open for children of Key Workers and vulnerable children Year 6, Reception and Year 1 from 7th July. For our 'Welcome Back' video from Mrs Wrigley, please go to our Parents section/ Returning to school after Lockdown to view.