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Creative Week - Our Wonderful City of Liverpool

All our children, from Nursery to Year 6 had a great creative week in school this week learning about our great city of Liverpool!

Our Nursery children did a fantastic job of taking their musical talents to 'Penny Lane'.

Reception looked at famous Liverpool Sports personalities.

Year 1 focussed on Liverpool Parks and took a trip to one to inspire their writing and drawing.

Year 2 learnt about a number of famous Liverpudlians and got to show off their talents in a variety show.

Year 3 investigated how the Victorians shaped the Liverpool we know today.

Year 4 focused on the early 60's and covered The Beatles, comparing life then and now - both the architecture, football and fashion and to round off the week they designed posters persuading people which was the best era to live in!

Year 5 learnt all about the Mersey Ferry - they made advertisements encouraging tourists to take a ride on it and created their own Dazzle designs based on Sir Peter Blake's Dazzle Ferry. They also designed a timeline of Liverpool from the 1800's to the present day!

Year 6 wrote some fantastic and moving poetry inspired by clips and images of the Liverpool Blitz of 1941.

Well done to everyone for all your creativy. We enjoyed hearing the songs of The Beatles echoing around the school all week too!

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