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Year 4

4C - Miss Cole
4G - Mrs Greatwich
LSA - Mrs Woodward


Here you will find lots of pictures to show you what Year 4 have been getting up to in school, plenty of information regarding their learning, their spellings for each week and some useful websites that provide games and activities to support your child's learning!


Autumn 1 Overview

Literacy – Poetry: Please Mrs Butler

              - Persuasive Writing: Gnarly Neverland

Maths – Place Value

          - Addition and Subtraction

Topic – History: Romans

Science – Animals including Humans  


Autumn 2 Overview

Literacy – Character flaw stories from another culture: Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

              - Explanation texts: How a dishwasher works

Maths – Multiplication & Division

          - Statistics: interpreting and representing discrete and continuous data

Topic – Geography: South America

Science – Electricity   


Spring 1 Overview

Literacy – Finding Tale: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

              - News Report: Tuesday

Maths – Securing multiplication facts

          - Fractions

          - Time

Topic – History: Liverpool over the last century

Science – Sound  


Spring 2 Overview

Literacy – Warning Tale: The Minpins

              - Instruction text: What to do if you meet an alien

Maths – Decimals

          - Area and perimeter

Topic – Geography: Brazil

Science – Living things and their habitats


Summer 1 Overview

Literacy – Meeting tale: Iron Man

              - Information text: A tourist guide to Brazil

Maths – Solving measure and money problems

          - Shape and symmetry

          - Position and direction

Topic – History: Leisure over the years

Science – Living things and their habitats


Summer 2 Overview

Literacy – Tale of Fear: The Nightmare man

              - Discussion text: Debate/Balanced argument

Maths – Reasoning with patterns and sequences

          - 3D shapes

Topic – Geography: Compare Rio to Liverpool

Science – States of matter


School Uniform

Please make sure that children have their name on all parts of their school uniform as we don't want any items to be lost! Thank you. 


Please remember to come into your P.E kit every Thursday.



Each week, the children are expected to practice their spellings, learn their times tables, read their school books and take part in activities on Purple Mash and RM easimaths.  They may also be given additional homework on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.


Throughout the year, the children will also have the opportunity to create a project based upon their Geography or History topic.

Children's writing

4C Class Photos

4C Class Photos 1
4C Class Photos 2

4C performing their discussion text

Still image for this video

Our Drama and Talk4Writing afternoon with parents and carers

Liverpool Central Library Trip - 14.12.16

Physical Education

Carnival music - Brazil topic

Carnival cross x4
Shake your shimmy x4
Carnival cross x4
Shake your shimmy x4
Twist and turn x4
Freestyle (16 beats)
Carnival cross x4
Bow x2
Friday 22nd September 2017