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Year 2

2M - Miss Murphy 
2J - Miss Jones 

Learning Support Assistants- Ms Samuels and Mrs Summers




The half-term is here and what a half-term it has been! We have settled perfectly into our new classes and have adapted well to life in year 2. We have learnt a lot of new things in such a short space of time and yet we still have so much to learn! 



In literacy this term, we have immitated, innovated and invented a poem as inspired by 'What We Found at the Seaside'. Poetry day provided us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase what we had learnt. We then read an extract from George's Marvellous Medicine in which George gave us some instructions to make a 'marvellous medicine'; we even made our own potion in class! George himself then gave us inspiration to write our own instructions about how to trap a magical creature. We challenged ourselves to use imperative verbs, time connectives, adverbs and adjectives when creating our fantastic instructions. Our published piece was as marvellous as the medicine itself!



In maths we have refreshed our knowledge of place value so that we are now able to recognise the value of each digit in a given number. We used lots of concrete apparatus such as base ten, cubes and bead strings, and the support of our talk partners, to help us along the way. 

With the help of Jack Hartman,  we have practised our number bonds to ten so that we now know them off by heart- although sometimes we are a little shaky! Having this knowledge has enabled us to recall addition and subtraction number facts beyond 10; sometimes beyond 100! 

In our maths meetings, we have learnt about odd and even numbers, money, rounding and place value which will help us throughout the course of year 2. We have really enjoyed singing our days of the week song to help us recall the past, present and future date; it really sticks in your head!



We have thoroughly enjoyed our time as scientists. So far this term, we have tried to answer lots of puzzling questions including 'why can't it snow indoors?' and 'how can we stop an ice-cube from melting?' We have conducted lots of fun experiments which have enabled us to find the answers to our questions. Through our investigative work, we have learnt lots of challenging words including osmosis, conductor and insulator. 



In history, we immersed ourselves into 1666 London to help us learn all about the Great Fire in which 80% of London was destroyed. Within the topic, we have learnt about the causes of the fire and the impact that it had upon the people of London, all thanks to Samuel Pepys diary. We used his diary to help us imagine what people may have seen, heard or smelt during the fire and how they may have been feeling. Using the ideas of Samuel Pepys, and our own vivid imaginations, we created a diary of the first day of the fire. 




In Autumn Two:

Next half term we will be learning some incredibly exciting things and we can’t wait to get stuck in!


  • In literacy, we will be reading ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and turning it into a science-fiction, transformation tale.
  • In maths, we will continue to look at addition and subtraction and get more adventurous with our methods of calculation.
  • In science, we will continue to look at ‘Changing Materials’ and carry out some MIND BLOWING investigations!
  • We will also be learning all about Christianity (RE), where food comes from (geography), how to design and make 3D models (DT), how to keep to beats and rhythms (music) and how to increase the control of our body when undertaking physical activity and sport (PE).


As well as our usual lessons, we will work hard to squeeze in some special learning time to understand bonfire night, Halloween and the seasonal changes from autumn to winter.

A poetry performance for National Poetry Day 2017

Still image for this video

National Poetry Day 2017

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A few reminders...



Please remember to drop your children off ready for school by 8.50am. Lessons start promptly at 9.00am and children may miss important learning time if they are late. If you know your child is going to be late or off sick, please let the office know as soon as you can - they will pass the message on. 



Many children have stopped bringing their jumpers/coats. We realise that the weather has been much warmer, however the lovely British weather can change minute-by-minute and we recommend that they are sent into school with both whenever possible. It would also be very helpful if you could check their uniform for names as many children are losing them on the warmer days. 


Thank you,

The Year Two Team. 

Friday 20th July 2018