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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

1KM - Miss McAnerney
LSA - Mrs Khan

1NM - Miss McDiarmid

LSA - Ms Walker

Twitter: GreenbankYear1


                                                                            Our Current Topics

                                                                                    Autumn 1


Fiction: Avocado Baby

Non Fiction: Instructions 'How to Grow an Avocado'


Addition within 10

Subtraction within 10




Key Vocabulary=  predict, paper, plastic, syringe, absorb, waterproof


Who Am I?


Hey You song


Basic Skills


Basic Skills




P.E. day will be on a Monday and Tuesday for 1NM and 1KM.

Children should come into school in their pumps unless it is raining.

Homework and spelling books are given out every Friday and should be back in school by the following Tuesday.


Image result for pe cartoon

After researching, annotating and following all different instructions, we invented our own instructions for how to grow broccoli (of course inspired by our story Avocado Baby)!


A poetry performance for National Poetry Day 2017

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Year 1 enjoyed performing the 'What We Need' poem using their Talk4Writing actions. They used lots of expression! Wonderful Year 1!

National Poetry Day 2017

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Science in year 1

We are learning lots of scientific skills which is helping us with our experiments. Whilst we've been exploring materials, we have investigated bouncibility and even made our own bouncy balls! Then we tested some materials to check if they were waterproof or not which was lots of fun. We do a great job of keeping safe and making sure all our tests are fair because that's how we get the best results and the have most fun! 



 Our Bouncibility experiment...



We tested to see which materials absorbed water and which didn't so we could help teddy fix his broken umbrella!




Waterproof Investigation

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The children in Year 1 enjoyed choosing the correct material to fix Miss McAnerney's umbrella. Luckily they made a good choice and Miss McAnerney didn't get wet.

                                                                    Next Half Term                                             

                                                                        Autumn 2




Fiction: Lost and Found

Non Fiction: Fact file about a penguin


Materials 2


What would a visitor find exciting about our local area?

Design Technology:

To create a traditional Liverpool Meal


Singing Playgrounds


E - Safety Awareness


Parent Reminder: School closes at 1.15pm on Tuesday 24th July 2018