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The Little Red Hen

To begin our new Talk for Writing unit, 'The Little Red Hen' we made some bread. When we came into class on Tuesday we found a letter and a basket of ingredients from the Little Red Hen asking us to help her bake some bread. We worked together in groups to mix the ingredients and knead the bread to create bread rolls.
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We created our own story maps which retold the story and made our own Little Red Hens using paper plates.
During our 'Innovation phase', we read The Little Red Hen makes a pizza by Philemon Sturges. We spoke about how the story was similar and different to our original story. We had lots of fun making our own vegetable pizzas and making lists of toppings the Little Red Hen could put on her pizza. We discussed what the Little Red Hen could make next and wrote some amazing sentences!
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Wednesday 13th December 2017 - EYFS and KS1 Christmas Production, Year 3 visit The Epstein Theatre and Year 4 visit Storybarn, Calderstones Park