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Mrs C Murphy - Nursery

Mrs A Vera - Nursery

Mrs G Edge - REP (Reception) 

Miss E Percival - REP (Reception)

Miss E McGregor - RM (Reception)

Miss J Cusack - 1C (Yr 1)

Miss K Davidson - 1DC (Yr 1)

Miss H Cosgrove - 1DC (Yr 1)

Mrs S Greatwich - 2G (Yr 2)

Miss J Murphy - 2M (Yr 2)

Mrs S Reid - 3R (Yr 3)

Miss M Ball - 3B (Yr 3)

Miss E Cole - 4C (Yr 4)

Mr J Prescott - 4P (Yr 4)

Miss Z Coogan - 5C (Yr 5)

Mrs A Lee - 5L (Yr 5)

Miss A Owen - 6O (Yr 6)

Mr C Waters - 6W (Yr 6)


Mr I Wileman - Intervention teacher, Educational Visits Co-ordinator and ICT 

Mrs J Weir - Reading Recovery teacher

Ms D Corrigan - Reading Recovery teacher





This Friday is Red Nose Reading Day for Comic Relief. Bring a comic or funny book to school and practise a joke to tell on the playground stage!