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Talk 4 Writing

Our Talk 4 Writing actions.

Picture 1

Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter

Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter 1

WC 6.6.17-19.6.17


Over these three weeks we have be learning, and will continue to learn the story 'Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter'. You can see our story map above that we will be using to re-tell the story. 

Starting on the 13th June we will be moving onto our 'Innovation Phase' of our Talk 4 Writing unit. During this week will be changing our villain babysitter to a character of our own. We are going to make these especially evil to Henry. If you get time at home, encourage your child to think about, watch, or discuss villains that that they already know and the ways they might act. You can also get them to re-tell the story using the story map above. :) 


WC 15.5.17


This week in Literacy, we will be concentrating on revising for our SATs quizzes (which we are going to be amazing at!).


We are going to be reading lots of texts and answering some questions about them. We are focusing on ordering events within the text, inferring answers (thinking about why characters do certain things and why events happen the way they do and most importantly using key words within the question to help us find our answers. 


The list below gives you some books that you might want to read with your child at home. They are great fun and give lots of opportunity for discussion!

  • Dogger
  • Owl Babies
  • Handa's Surprise
  • The Hodge-Heg
  • The Day the Crayosn Quit

Spelling, punctuation and grammar. 



In the build up to our end of year quizzes, we have been practising lots of our key spellings. You can see these below :). We would like you to keep practicing these at home to make sure you become a super speller!





We have been challenging ourselves in the past few weeks to use as much punctuation as we can! We now know how to use capital letters, full stops, commas in lists, apostrophes for contractions, exclamation marks and question marks. 


I wonder if you can have a go at correcting the sentences below...


  1.  billy was tired after his three day visit to london
  2. on thursday i need to go shopping after school
  3. stop that right now
  4. will you come to spain with me in summer



Not only are we punctuation experts but we can now use so many different types of grammar in our reading and writing! Can you have a go at completing the 'word class' table below?



Verb      Adjective Adverb
princess danced beautiful majestically
teacher     loudly
  hopped grumpy  


Year 2 Book List

Friday 22nd September 2017