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REP - Mrs Edge, Miss Percival & Mrs Murphy (HLTA)

RM - Miss McGregor, Mrs Jones (HLTA) & Miss Walker (LSA)

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Our Current Topics

Term: Autumn 2

Who Lived Once Upon a Time?


Communication and Language and Literacy (Talk 4 Writing)

  • Fiction: Traditional Tale - The Little Red Hen 

We will be immersed in the text and will act the story out, hot seat and write speech bubbles. We will be innovating the plot by changing what the Little Red Hen will make next.

  • Non-fiction: Instructions - How to bake bread

We will be following instructions to bake our own bread and will practise putting the instructions in sequence. We will be innovating the instructions by changing what will be made based on the children's interests e.g. How to make cakes.


Sounds Write (phonics)

  • Units 1-6 (Using the sounds a, i, m, t, s, n, o, p, b, c, g, h, d, f, v, e, k, l, r, u, j, w, z)

We will be reading and writing words such as tin, bag, dog and jam. The high frequency words: I, the, go, to, into, no, he, she, we, me, be, was, will be introduced. We will be using these words to read simple sentences such as 'The man was sad'.



  • Numbers within 8

We will learn how to count eight objects and will explore the composition of numbers within eight. For example, eight may be made using 8+0. 7+1, 6+2, 5+3 or 4+4. We will find out what is one more than and one less than numbers 1-8 and will use concrete apparatus to practise addition and subtraction.  We will practise estimating quantities and will check by counting. We will explore length, height, mass and capacity using everyday objects and will begin to name and describe 2D and 3D shapes. We will order familiar daily events and will learn the days of the week and months of the year in the correct order.



  • We will be learning about the values 'resilience' and 'friendship'.

We will discuss what is meant by having a 'Growth Mindset' and will talk about how we can demonstrate this in school. We will discuss the importance of teamwork and working together.


Understanding the World

  • We will be exploring the changes that take place during autumn. We will learn about the celebrations Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas.
  • We will learn about castles, knights and princesses and will be comparing then and now.
  • We will use the computer to design our own Rangoli patterns.


Expressive Arts and Design

  • We will be exploring the different sounds of instruments and will learn their names.
  • We will be exploring print making and will make prints in a variety of ways.


PE will be on Mondays and Fridays (REP) and Mondays and Wednesdays (RM). Children should come to school wearing a full PE kit.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and must be returned on Wednesday.

November 2018

Medieval Banquet

To celebrate the end of our topic 'Who Lived Once Upon a Time?' we held our own medieval banquet! We wrote invitations to our friends, practised some medieval dancing and learnt some Jester tricks. We enjoyed a feast of bread, cheese and fruit. 

November 2018

Knight School

Our playground was transformed into Knight School! We practised sword fighting, rescued different characters, avoided dragons and did some archery. We would make great knights!

November 2018

Argh! A Dragon!

We were shocked to discover that a dragon had been in our classroom! We found footprints, flames, a scorched chair and paper. We created dragons of our own, wrote crime reports and used the iPad to take photographs of the evidence.

November 2018

The Princess and the Pea

As part of our Who Lived once upon a time? topic, we read the story of the Princess and the Pea. We then explored what materials would make a good bed for a princess.

November 2018


We have enjoyed learning all about castles. We learnt new vocabulary such as battlements, draw bridge and moat to describe the features of castles. We designed castles of our own by drawing, printing and building. 

November 2018

Bonfire Night

 We enjoyed watching videos of firework displays and describing what we could see and hear. We used paint, creative materials, and the computer to create firework pictures. We mixed together water, oil and food colouring and observed what happened. We discussed how we could stay safe on Bonfire Night and created some safety posters. Outdoors, we enjoyed doing firework dances and using musical instruments to create firework sounds.

November 2018

The Little Red Hen

We were surprised to come into school one morning to find someone had left red footprints on our classroom floor. There was also an apron, chef's hat, baking equipment, and dough. We looked in the oven and found a bread roll! We discussed who we thought could have left the footprints and what they may have been doing. Afterwards, we read the story of The Little Red Hen and decided it must have been her who had visited our classes!

October 2018


We have been enjoying noticing the changes that have been taking place in autumn. We went on a walk in Greenbank Park and collected different autumn objects such as leaves and conkers. We created collages using the objects we found and did some leaf rubbings. We also made maps showing our journey to the park.

October 2018

Visit to Liverpool Hope University

We were very pleased to be invited to Liverpool Hope University to take part in some phonics activities with some first year teaching students. We enjoyed playing games such as cross the river and bingo, drawing sounds in shaving foam and on the wall using a light and practising our blending using puppets.

October 2018

Friendship Potions


We have been talking about what makes a good friend, and who are our friends and why. We decided to make some friendship potions. We discussed the features of a good friend and added them into a bowl and stirred them all together.

October 2018

National Poetry Day

We have loved celebrating National Poetry Day. We came to school dressed as characters from our favourite poems and rhymes. We performed a poem we had learned in assembly and had visits from pupils from St Hilda's, our Reading Revolutionaries and parents who spent time reading us different poems.

October 2018

Outdoor Phonics

We have loved doing some of our phonics lessons outdoors. We placed three hoops on the floors and drew some sounds in them. We then jumped in each hoop, saying each sound as we landed on it. After saying all the sounds we blended them together to read the word. We then had a go at writing the word using chalk.

October 2018


We have enjoyed playing a game using our subitising skills. We took it in turns to turn over two cards. We then compared the cards to see if they are the same or different, explaining why.

October 2018

Innovating our story

We have enjoyed innovating the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We decided to change the characters in the story. We drew our ideas on large pieces of paper and shared them with our friends. We then had a vote and choose new characters to create new class stories. REP created a story called Unicorn Babies and RM changed the story to Pumpkin stories. All the Reception staff were amazed at how confident the children were at doing their first story innovations.

October 2018

Our Senses

We have been enjoying exploring our five senses. We have investigated sounds by going on listening walks and playing guess the instrument games. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? and made telescopes and discovered what we could see in our classrooms and observed what happens when we mix two primary colours together. We tasted different foods and used the words sweet, sour, salty and bitter to describe and catergorise them.


September 2018

Our Bodies

We have enjoyed learning all about our bodies. We took it in turns to draw around our friends and label their different body parts.

September 2018


We've enjoyed exploring different patterns and using objects in our classroom and outdoors to create patterns of our own.

September 2018

Exploring Size and Capacity

We had lots of fun exploring size and capacity in the mud kitchen. We used different sized containers to make some mud pies. We used language such as full, empty, big, small, large, medium, more and less. We spoke about how we could test which container would hold the most and least amount of mud.

September 2018

Owl Babies

We had a special visitor in our classrooms last night (18th September). We came to school to find a dark classroom with a nest on the carpet, branches hanging from the ceiling and woodland sounds. We spoke about who we thought had been to visit. Later on, we read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We made predictions about where Mummy owl had gone and explored some new vocabulary such as swooped.

After reading the story, we had lots of fun acting it out with our friends!

September 2018

 Classifying, matching, comparing and ordering

We have had lots of fun exploring different properties of things in our classroom and outdoor environment. We have talked about what is the same and different about different objects and have used different criterion such as size and colour to sort objects.

September 2018

Self Portraits

We have been using mirrors to look carefully at our faces. We spoke about our different features such as hair colour, eye colour and if we had freckles or not. We then used oil pastels to draw some self-portraits. We also enjoyed creating faces using paper plates and loose parts.

September 2018

Edible Art!

For our first cookery session we decided to make some toast, but with a twist. We made some edible paints using some food colouring. We then painted a design of our choice onto our bread. We allowed the paint to dry before toasting the bread. We then added a topping of our choice and practised our knife skills.

September 2018

Settling In

We have had lots of fun settling into our new classes. We have enjoyed making friends and getting to know our new teachers. We really enjoyed taking part in our first drama and PE lessons and have been showing our teachers what we know already.


Our Current Topics

Term: Autumn 1


Literacy (Talk 4 Writing)

Fiction: Losing Tale - Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

Non-fiction: Information text  - Nocturnal Animals


Sounds Write (phonics)

Blending and segmenting words within units 1 and 2 (CVC words containing the sounds a, i, m, t, s, n, o, p)



Numbers within 3


Learning Challenge

Who is special to me?

  • Who is in my family?
  • Who are my friends?
  • Why am I special?
Open morning sessions for Reception 2019 parents are happening this week in school. Tuesday to Friday each morning at 10am. All prospective parent/carers welcome!