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At Greenbank Primary School,  we believe that reading for pleasure is key to success. We encourage all children to develop a love of reading a wide variety of materials. This love of reading is shared by all our staff, and reading opportunities are promoted through all curriculum subjects. 

In Key Stage 2, a Reciprocal Reading approach is used when teaching reading.  Reciprocal Reading is an effective and proven approach to developing reading and comprehension. In whole class lessons, this approach allows children to develop the language required for talking about and investigating a wide range of texts and the skills needed to overcome difficulties. Whole class reading lessons take place several times per week to enable children to develop confidence in using the strategies.

While the strategies of reciprocal reading are used in our whole class reading lessons, this approach is also particularly effective as an intervention, and as part of guided and shared reading. 

Talk 4 Writing - Reading as a Reader


An integral part of the imitation stage of the  Talk for Writing process, ‘reading as a reader’ or ‘book talk’ encourages everyone, children and adults, to talk about what they have read, developing learners’ confidence to offer ideas and then reshape them in the light of other contributions.  It helps children to talk effectively about a book or a text and think as a group to deepen their understanding and move comprehension forward.  By accepting all answers positively when questioning children about what they have read, reluctant readers feel more confident in sharing their thoughts about a text. 


Reading as a reader can take place in many ways, including drama, art, music, dance, research and, of course, discussion.


Friday 20th July 2018