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Maths Mastery

WC 15.5.17

This week we are going to be working  on our mental arithmetic. We are making sure that we are able to ADD, SUBTRACT, DIVIDE and MULTIPLY with our eyes closed :). To do this we are going to be looking back over our methods of working out and practising our jottings as often as possible. 


We will also be working INCREDIBLY hard on reasoning about our mathematics. In Year 2 we are super mathematicians and can not only work out answers but describe how and why we got an answer too! Have a look on the link below to see the type of reasoning we are practicing all the time. 

Maths Mastery Challenges

Shapes and Fractions


Since our Easter break we have learning all about shapes. We know the difference between 2D and 3D shapes, can identify the properties and put them into groups based on our own criteria. Have a look at the type of work we have been doing. 


**Here's a secret mission for you... can you spot any mistakes on the work?**




We have also been working on finding fractions of shapes and amounts. We can now identify 1/2, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and 1/3. 

Maths Mastery 

Through Maths Mastery, we have been doing lots of work on addition, subtraction, estimating, rounding and graphs!


We have also been looking at multiplication and division. We have worked in groups, pairs and on our own to complete multiplication and division calculations. We even used our reasoning skills to explain exactly what we were doing. 


We used sentences starters such as 'The answer cannot be that because...', 'I  know the answer is.... let me show you why!' and 'The rule is...'.


Here are some of the answers that the children gave...


Manha - " I know that when we are multiplying the answer will always be bigger than the other numbers. I can show you because when you multiply numbers like 3x2=6 and 4x3=12, the answer is always bigger than the other numbers."


James - " The answer to 3x3 cannot be 12 because I counted in 3s three times and it gave me the answer 9."


Jannah - "When I divide the rule is I look at the second number and that tells me how many groups I need to share into."




Friday 22nd September 2017